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Clark Judge calls Matt Ryan Franchise QB

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2. The more I see of Chad Henne the more I'm convinced Miami must find another quarterback. He makes too many mistakes and not enough big plays, and shame on Miami. It could've had Matt Ryan with the first pick of the 2008 draft but chose tackle Jake Long instead and waited until the second round to take its quarterback (Henne). There's a lesson there, and it's this: When the franchise quarterback is there, don't pass on him.

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12. Detroit's Ndamukong Suh can expect to hear from the league office for that shot to the back of Jay Cutler's head. "That was an intent to hurt," CBS analyst Bill Cowher said. "There's no need for that in pro football." I'll second that. Suh is a lock for Rookie Defensive Player of the Year, but he's got to be smarter. He hammered Jake Delhomme in the preseason, too, drawing a $7,500 fine, but apparently he didn't learn. Maybe he will when he writes another check.

Not Falcons related, but from the same article. This guy clearly didn't watch that hit. Suh pushed the back of his head, which is entirely legal when the player is a runner, which Cutler was. It shouldn't have been a flag, and it shouldn't be a fine.

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