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Grimey getting some love


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• Brent Grimes(notes), CB, Atlanta Falcons

Grimes put Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman(notes) on lockdown yesterday, and has quietly become one of the game's better corners. The late interception he came up with sewed up a gargantuan road win for the Falcons.

It wasn't just that play, either. Grimes tortured Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman all day long. The numbers here from Pat Yasinskas tell the story. Down the right sideline, where Grimes was on patrol, Freeman went 2-of-10 for 11 yards and an interception. Grimes broke up four of those passes. Everywhere else on the field, Freeman went 17-of-28 for 171 yards and a touchdown.

It was like that on the final drive, too. Freeman was moving the chains, putting the ball where he wanted it, and had the Bucs looking like they were in the middle of a game-winning drive. He decided to test Grimes one last time, though, and it was the last time he'd see the football.

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It was the best game I've seen a Falcons CB play in.......more than a decade...easily. Maybe Ray Buchanan had a game where he made that many plays in 1998 but I kinda doubt it.

Grimes was money. He was credited with an incredible 5 PDs and even that might have been selling him one short.

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D-rob made some plays yesterday too...I saw more plays by d-rob yesterday on the ball than I have seen in the past four or five games.

But, yeah, I know what you're saying.

yea i can admit, d-rob broke up that td that kept them to a fieldgoal and made a couple more nice tips but that missed tackle for a long gain was big when people rave about his tackling ability.

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Robinson and Moore both got punked bad by Benn on that one play.

But we can all laugh about it now.

He was overshadowed a bit by Grimes, but the truth is that Dunta had a good day. He made a phenomenal diving break up on that skinny post after Moore bit on the play fake, and he finally broke up a slant later in the game.

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