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GREAT GAME! Great experience.


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The Bucs fans were weak as always. Many empty seats around the stadium and the field was cruddy.

It was a really nice to see a fair amount of Falcon jerseys running rampant around Ray Jay. After the game, FALCON FANS were everywhere getting loud and celebrating the win. Was a beautiful site to see.

As for the game itself, it seemed like everything was going their way for the majority of the time and just when it seemed to be slipping away, EWeems makes the play for us that will go on to define our season. Matty played like garbage and still made two remarkable throws on the game winning drive, as he always always seems to do.

His MVP campaign should be in full swing now. The victories cannot be ignored. 2 road wins against the two biggest threats in the division.

I was fortunate enough to get some signatures after the game once again. This time I got some that I didn't get last year. Ovie is the man, always the most receptive to greeting the fans. He's the most humble dude we've got. Such an intricate part of this team.


It was a phenomenal experience once again being able to walk out of that dump with a smile on my face.

10-2. It's unreal.

Destination: Dallas.

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Awesome! I watched it from home but saw a decent chunk of red jersey's (Not the buc red). Our team is winning and this team has changed the face of the veteran fans like myself. I have been a fan since I was 3yrs old (35 years) and many of those years we would watch a lot of other teams get us late. I have a lot of confidence in this team and am excited every Sunday (thurs...Monday) everyday.

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