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Reasons why we will undoubtedly WIN this game.


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Alright, gents. This is our 2nd look at the Bucs this season. They have been playing pretty good football, and are truly one of the surprises of the league. However, just like a few weeks back we will show that we are the better team. This game is huge. We're playing a divisional opponent on the road, and the NFC is no slouch conference this year. We have to continue to assert ourselves as the dominant team and we will in this game. Why, you ask? Well:

1. Our run game will overpower them. Michael Turner, Jason Snelling AND Ovie Mughelli have been creating yards this year. Our offensive line has found it's groove.

2. Our run defense will stonewall them. Our defense is stingy against opponents' run attacks this year. It's beautiful!

3. Nobody is capable of covering Roddy White this year. I say it every week. He's playing at a monster level this year.

4. Our defensive backs against their receivers is a match-up that we will win. They got the best of us before, but this time we will be ready.

5. Tampa cannot get pressure. They have to bring the extra man or two. Matt Ryan is a beast against the blitz. This is not changing today or anytime soon.

6. Our offense has evolved extremely since we played Tampa. Our entire receiving squad has stepped up when needed. Finneran will have some huge catches. Jenkins will make plays. And expect Harry Douglas on some trick plays.

7. Tony Gonzalez is a mismatch problem for their defense. He will be open in those Tampa 2 holes.

8. We faltered extremely in the special teams aspect in week 9. This will be a hot button point for our team. Coach Smith will not allow that to happen again. I'm sure it was harped upon in practice.

9. The return of Sean Weatherspoon gives us more speed on defense in our front 7.

10. Josh Freeman still looks like the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man.

This game will not be as close as before. Again, we kept them in the game last time because of special teams. This is a game we will handle with ease. Tampa is hurting as they have lost 2 very key players to their team. Our Atlanta Falcons are playing at a very high level. We have a coaching staff that's strong and professional, a team that's confident and playing as a unit, and a city that believes and is determined to win. We have the nucleus needed to succeed, and succeed is what we will do. Let's keep it moving, Falcons!

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