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Falcons Defense


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The Falcons defense is better than they are given credit for. They have the 6th best rushing defense at giving up only 93.7 yards per game on the ground. The Falcons have the 7th best scoring defense giving up only 19 points per game. Sure we are 27th in passing defense but you can look at that 1 of 2 ways. You can say our pass defense sucks or you can say the real season we give up so many passing yards is because we often have the lead and stop the run well which forces teams to pass more. Oh and just for reverence the Patriots are also 9-2 and are dead last in passing defense giving up 288.5 yards per game. That makes the Falcons 252.9 yards per game number look great. Another thing that makes our pass defense easier to digest is that we have gotten 15 interceptions this year. Only the Eagles, Bears, and Bucs have more. We've also forced 11 fumbles recovering 6 of them. So forcing 21 turnovers is pretty good.

My biggest disappointment is that we have recorded only 19 sacks and John Abraham has 9 of those. That's pitiful. All off-season we heard that by getting Dunta Robinson it would help our pass rush by making the Quarterbacks have to hold the ball longer. How many plays have there been this year when the Quarterback just stands back in the pocket forever this year? Far too many.

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