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***Upset Alert*** Sunday : Falcons need to be on high Alert !


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Falcons can lose this. You guys are taking this game too lightly.

Division games are almost always close. We are 3 pt fav on rd. Many books in vegas have falcons as 2 pt fav.

Better team just 2-3 pt fav on rd ? I bet on NFL & this is very close for my taste.

1) Can Falcons afford to lose this game .........Answer is ( Yes ). Tampa wont win the division any way.

2) Tampa is DESPERATE & they got a good QB too. They were few yds away from a win in our Dome.Media is doubting and saying Tampa didnt beat anyone.

3) X factor --- Snell may be out. They need him against aints more so maybe c.staff sits him this week.

4) We maybe looking ahead to MNF (Aints) We need that game more as aints are on our trail for the div title.

Last yr aints beat sucka-neers @ tampa 38-7 & lost to them in NO as DD Fav 17-20.

This is NFL. Not for Long. :D

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Agreed on MNF against Aints but Tampa game was too close for my taste.

That's one thing, but saying we were that close to a loss is silly. With close to 4 minutes remaining, who wouldn't expect us to drive the field for a FG to win the game?

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first of all this is the nfl and any team can lose to any team on any sunday. ask the pats and saints about the browns. with that out of the way...

i think the bucs are a very good team, better then a lot of people give them credit for, but i do not think they will beat us. in order for us to lose we either need to have terrible special teams or make some mistakes on offense, as in turn the ball over. play clean, smart, and to the plan, which this team has done very well at lately, and we will win by two scores.

they wouldn't have even been in that game in atlanta if it was for our terrible special team effort. i believe that has been cleaned up.

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Falcons can lose this. You guys are taking this game too lightly.


I for one am not taking any division game lightly, but what is more important and actually matters is that there is no way that the falcons coaches or players are taking this game lightly. Nothing about our team says we will be anything but ready to play and give it our all to win.

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I don't get why you guys stress over looking past games. This message board has absolutely no impact on the game Sunday. I think the Bucs are a pretty good team but they won't be a match on Sunday. I think the Panthers are a joke and that we will handle the Seahawks with ease. I see us going 13-3 easily. We aren't on the field on Sunday. I can sit on my couch and chalk this up right at kickoff if I wanted to. At the end of it all, it is up to Matt Ryan and the troops to win the game and for us to talk all the sh!t possible and root them on.

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Bucs = Smoke and Mirrors

They only hung in the last game because of two huge ST plays. We have remade ST since then and have been solid.

I laugh at all the experts talking Freeman this, Blount that, Williams the other. Blount has had how many 100 yard game? Yes, that's right. One. Against who? Yes, correct again. The Cardinals. Freeman, the next hot thing in the NFL has had how many 300 yard passing games? Stay tuned, we will let you know when he gets his first. It won't be this week. Williams is decent, but he is no Roddy White.

Now let me guess the response. Hmm, Stats are for idiots? Of course they are if, by "idiot," you mean someone who doesn't buy that the Bucs are the best team in the NFC.

The Bucs will not sustain drives consistently enough to score the 24+ points they will need to win.

"Any given Sunday," you may say. I agree. However, I'd say it is more likely that we will win by 14+ than that enough things will happen for the Bucs to win this one. Bucs need a turnover ratio of +2 or better and a big play or 3 just to keep this close.

I'm not hating on the Bucs. I commend what they have done. That said, as plainly as I can say it, we are the better team.

To me, it would be a catastrophic let down if we lose this one. We are much better.

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i go into every game with the understanding that we can lose. lately i have come to realize that our guys are well prepared and come to win. i hope the myriad of changes that the bucs made to their roster are a disadvantage while our consistancy is a plus for us. i also hope we are able to exploit their safety situation over the top. i would like to show an ability to score quickly as well as the ball control offense that we normally run which i love because of how much time we are on offense and not defense.

will this be a tough game? yes.

do they have a good QB and potent recievers? yes.

they also have very good RB's and a lethal TE. they have always played good defense and their offense is as scary as its ever been or more so.

when we play the panthers twice in the next 5 weeks, i expect to stomp the tails both times and i will be upset if we are upset either time.

seatle has played well this year, but i feel we are the stronger and better team. here again, i will be mad if we lose.

the saints game, we all know how good they are but we are at home, and this will be a great test going into the play offs. if you want to be the best, you got to beat the best.

rating the 5 remaining contests from highest to lowest concern,




4-panties in carolina

5-panties in ATL

i see a tough fight, a formidable foe albeit with some turmoil of late, a decent foe that we should not sleep on, and lastly a team with good defense and a good running game but not a lot of fire power through the air, so some one to respect as far as beating us with defense and big run plays, unless we protect the ball on offense and shut down their run and make the QB make a consistant string of plays to beat us.

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