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while we were making out you were making out my will

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Heavy borrowage from Skynyrd on the intro but worth it all for the last verse. starting about 3:43 .

Well, I remember the time

Well, let me freshen your mind

You told me

David, I think it's...I think it's think its time I have my own space

So then I try to be the understanding man

and be this kind of a woody allen character about the whole thing

I said baby thats cool, I understand, I'll pack my bags

And get outta your face

Then for three days on end

She was in bed with my best friend

Discussing a little problem

She cried, she begged, David, we didnt really do anything

He's a really understanding guy, and he really just listens

And I said

Baby, you gave him head !!

God ####!! Get your hands off my throat,

Cause baby I can't breathe

Get your hands off my throat and I'll get my coat and leave

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