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Drafted QB's


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I called us QB U. It's the only thing we have been great at as a franchise in terms of drafting. In second, CB's.

Brett Favre - HOF, one of the greatest ever

Michael Vick- potential HOF, could be one of the greatest ever

Matt Schaub- great QB, the greatest QB in Texans history.

Matt Ryan- young gun, could be one of the greatest ever

Steve Bartkowski- cannon arm, just came in the wrong decade with the wrong owner.

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One we still have, another went to prison and we received 2 second round picks and moved up 2 spots in the draft.

So we gave Favre away, what 100 years ago?

At the time, with his drinking and unwillingness to study the play book, we were actually lucky to get the draft pick we got for him. Favre was, is, and will always be a selfish, spoiled, me-first prima donna with no thought or concern for the people around him except as to how benefiting them benefits himself even more.

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..... and Detroit knows how to draft top WRs.

Some are studs, some are busts, some are busts that become studs somewhere else later on... even one AFTER not playing in the league for awhile. <_<

See the similarities ?

I liked Charles Rogers. Roy Williams plays good when he chooses. Glad to see Mike Williams make a strong comeback. Calvin Johnson, well i'll just say...........Bring him home one day TD!!!!!!!

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