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Rate the 2008 Draft after 3 years

JC Falcon

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Everyone claims you cannot really rate a draft until 3 years.

So objectively, how does the Falcons draft stack up that year and all time? It's probably not quite the Steeler's 1974 draft, but I think it will rate in the Top 10 if we get some playoff success.

Ryan #1.3 - Franchise QB 1st Rd

Baker #1.21 - Starting LT 1st (Can't call him franchise)

Lofton #2.6 - Franchise MLB 2d round

Jackson, Chevis #3.5 - First miss, though he did play in a few games for us.

Douglas, Harry #3.21 - Started some this year and played some as a rookie. Still finding his potential

DeCoud #3.35 - Starting FS, solid player.

James, Robert #5.3 - Never really cracked the field and was waived after 4 game suspension this season.

Biermann #5.19 - You probably don't plan your starting DE, ST ace, and even emergency kicker coming in the back end of the 5th round.

Brown, Thomas #6.6 - Horse collar IR'd and then lost his roster position battle the next year to another late round star, Jason Snelling.

Fontenot, Wilrey #7.5 - Final cut of 2008 roster, signed to Arizona PS. Cut after injury.

Zinger, Keith #7.25 - On the 2008 PS I think and made the 2009 team, was cut pre season this year.

All in all that has to be considered a great draft to get 5 starters plus a partial starter/slot receiver after 3 years. It has to help the analysis that those 6 guys have been winning games since the draft too.

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Gotta give it an A just for finding your offensive and defensive anchors. However outside of Ryan, Lofton, Biermann, and Decoud the other guys might not get a second contract with the team.

It's much better looking right now than the 2009 draft which is looking kinda rough

pretty much every team would love to get 4 long term starters from any draft. Even without one of them being the best young QB in the entire NFL.

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Ryan makes it an "A"

Remove him and it is a c+/B- as all the others are mostly average based on their peer groups in the NFL. I think the ultimate sleeper is DeCoud.


Lofton--above average

DeCoud--above average

Biermann--below average

Douglas--below average

Combined score (less Ryan): Average

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