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Smith is pleased with Dunta Robinson’s play at cornerback


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7:00 am December 2, 2010, by D. Orlando Ledbetter

FLOWERY BRANCH – Falcons coach Mike Smith insisted that cornerback Dunta Robinson is fine.

But it seems like since returning from the concussion he suffered on the hit he put on Philadelphia’s DeSean Jackson that he’s been a little bit off. It might just be a matter of getting the right cleats.

In his first game back against Tampa Bay, Mike Williams scored on a 58-yard square in. Robinson said he slipped in coverage, which gave Williams enough room to turn the route up the field.

The same thing almost happened against Green Bay in the first quarter. Robinson came up on Greg Jennings and appeared to slip. He missed the tackle and Jennings turned what should have been a short gain into a 30-yarder.

Robinson plays a tough brand of corner. He comes up and smacks folks in the run/screen games. He takes playing his area with the utmost seriousness.

“Dunta is playing well,” head coach Mike Smith said. “He’s very active.”

Smith is not troubled by the plays Robinson gave up to Williams and Jennings.

“Again, when you’re playing at that corner position that’s a hot spot,” Smith said. “It’s probably the toughest position to play in the National Football League. Both of our corners are out there, you’re out there on an island.”

Robinson, who was the Falcons’ big pick up in free agency (six years, $57.5 million) has 33 tackles and no interceptions.

“I think that Dunta’s played very well,” Smith said. “The skill set that he brings is his physicality. We’re pleased with the way that he’s been playing for us. He’s a force out there at the corner position.”


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Yea he did slip again on that play against GB. But he also came running from behind and pushed Babs(?) into Jennings to trip him. Or else it may have been a longer run for Jennings. But he sure does seem like have missed a step. Or footing.

He pushed Abraham. I thought that was a pretty heads up move. Kind of propelled Abe into the runner to make the tackle.

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I'm pleased with Dunta's play too. I just want to come out and say that, because I'm also on record as saying he has looked "pop warner" in at least 2 plays this year. And he did. Those 2 plays are the same ones this article mentioned.

But that's just 2 plays. They hurt, and they were bad. But overall, he's doing a great job. For the most part shutting down his side of the field. I'm glad he's here and I appreciate what he's doing for our team.

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