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Good Respect


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A lot of times we all get made because we don’t get respect from the pundits and the so called experts. Well today I had an experience that showed the Falcons are getting some respect and it came from someone much more important. It came from a good old football fan of another team.

I flew into Flint, MI today and went to get my rental car. When I got to the counter the guy working there saw my Falcons shirt and started talking football. He told me he was an avid Lions fan and loved it that we beat the Packers. He brought up our record and congratulated me on it (like I had something to do with it). He stated that he hoped the Lions took the same path that the Falcons did in getting a good GM, Coach and QB.

His parting shot was that he hoped the Lions would meet the Falcons in a couple of years and kick our azz. What a dreamer!

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It takes a lot to say this, but I really hate seeing the Lions lose year in and year out. For a city that is in such disarray as Detroit, I would like to see the Lions get above .500 one season. I'm not saying they have to win the superbowl or even go to the playoffs, just see them do decently. As die hard as you can be about one team, it really hurts the NFL as a whole for one team to be horrible for over 5 decades.

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