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What is a good brand of Laptop?

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I am getting a new laptop and there are so many, I have no idea which one to get. I also want to try and stay under 500 bucks. All I know is the Dell I have sucks. I barely use the thing, have no games and no, I do not surf on inapproiate sites. lol. And the support line sucks as well. So I am turned off by Dell.

I was considering an HP, Compaq (same company) or possibly a Lenovo. My company has a lease with Lenovo right now and they seem like pretty reliable computers.

Any suggestions on a brand?

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I've had Toshiba Satellites for the past few years. Excellent, durable, affordable laptops. One is like 8 years old but still ticking and perfectly functional (but slower than it used to be), and the other is about 2 years old and still runs like new.

Really? Interesting. I have heard negative things about Toshibas, but they are pretty cheap from what I have seen. Maybe I will consider it as well.

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Dell is horrible. A friend swore by them but I ended up having to buy 3 brand new ones in about 6 years - 2 just got so slow and dead not even reformatting helped, on the other one expensive parts went bad just out of warranty.

The only laptops I know under $500 would be notebooks. If you are talking about actual laptops, not notebooks, then there are some decent ones just over $500. Vision Computers in the Atlanta area is the best. You can build one custom with anything you want and they have good prices without making you buy a bunch of unnecessary anti-virus software, disk cleanups etc.

Best Buy has three good models that I know of for $575 each. Just make sure you get Intel Pentium processor and not AMD II. I also recommend getting 4GB ram over 3GB. Windows will run faster with 4 gigs and and you can have more programs open at once without slow-down. Plus most of them have built in webcams, and some have Blu-Ray drives with HDMI out ports. Again all of that for just over $500. You don't have to pay more than that to have a decent computer.

Hope this helped.

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I don't know if brand is as important as hardware configuration. All the assemblers/manufacturers have well-designed models in terms of heat transfer and aesthetics. Customer service may vary from one company to another, but that may not be important for everybody.

I'd say buy on internal hardware specifications more so than brand.

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