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Abe's victory speech.


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He gave out the closing speech after the Green Bay game,

"Lets keep doing what we're doing y'all. Hey, if you give it an hour, give it an hour and a half man. Lets keep pushing though. We're 9-2 now. Do y'all understand where we're at right now? Like I said, we got something special. Lets keep pumping baby. Falcons on 3."


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My favorite quote was the "if your giving an hour, lets start giving an hour and a half"

You don't hear them pumping there chests saying they are the best in the NFC, or they just beat who many said were the cream of the crop and they are the best now.

you hear, let's work harder and do more than we've been doing.

I take that as Smitty's motto and what we keep hearing about the team, that they aren't satisfied. That they know they need to get better and know they can. I LOVE IT

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