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To those who don't live in Georgia



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  1. 1. How do you view the game?

    • I go to a sports bar
    • I have Directv Sunday Ticket
    • I watch the game online
    • I take a plane to Atlanta every Sunday. Then, I break into a random house and hold the family hostage, while I use their TV to watch the game. Then, when the game ends, I give them a big hug and continue on my way.
    • That's none of you're d*nm business, and I'd thank you to stay out of my personal affairs.

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I was just wondering, how those of you who don't live in Georgia, watch the Falcons when they're not aired in your area. I usually head to a sports bar, and sometimes watch online.

Also, to those of you with Sunday Ticket (or satelite in general), I was thinking about getting it. So, I just wanted to know how it was. Does it give you any problems? Any information about satelite (mainly Directv) would be appreciated. Thanks

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Luckily my mom got DirecTV 5 years back so I just give her the cash for it every year. It's awesome! At least once a month though I hit a local sports bar with my friends but if I know the Falcons aren't going to be a "feature" game and likely to get placed on some corner TV I just head to moms.

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I have to listen on Sirius radio......the one year I had Direct TV....the dreaded 07 season....I believe the Falcons will be on TV this Sunday thank god......I finally got to watch them last weekend, what a game!

I love to listen! Great announcers.Reminds me listening during ATL tv blackouts, as a kid with my Dad. Munson years were great.

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For the past two years in Florida, I had the glorious Sunday Ticket because I lived at home. Then I moved back to Boston and joined the stipend grad student life and that was the end of that.

It's a sports bar now most of the time; occasionally I'll watch online if I have a lot of work to get done.

This weekend, though?! In the stands, baby!!! Can't wait! :)

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