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Rivers Edge

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I had forgotten how much I loved this movie.So I dug it out andwatched it today. It has everything. Crispin Glover being crazy, Keanu Reaves being stoned, Dennis Hopper being a paranoid psychotic and Ione Skye being friggin' hot. There's a dead chick, a hateful little kid, Taylor Negron being a prick and a souped up VW Beetle.

But seriously it is a very good movie that shows how just stoned and tuned out some kids can be. One of their friends kills his girl, who was also their friend and their main reaction is light shock and apathy.Or a Messiah complex in Crispin Glovers case.

Plus it has a great soundtrack with a lot of songs by Slayer and a couple by Hollows Eve and Fates Warning.

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They've been showing it on the movie channels alot lately. Good movie, though very dated and alot of bad acting. Crispin Glover is great, albeit over the top at times. I much prefer this to Bully though, Bully is just plain hard to watch.

The most accurate review I ever read of Bully said " it's like peeping from a pedophiles closet". Everybody in that movie is or either looks way too young to be doing that type of stuff on screen.

Both Bully and Rivers edge are based on true accounts, which makes them both scary as ####.

Yea the acing is out there sometimes in Rivers edge, and Crispin takes it WAAAAY out there. He treads the line between bad and "I can't stop watching this" :P But I think in the end his performance is the perfect stoner, disconnected narcisist. I think he could have been up there with a lot of fine actors but he got the reputation for being hard to work with. But h fascinates me and I will watch any movie with him in it. I hated the Willard remake but he was great in it.

The whole mood of rivers edge is just opressive. It is set in Seattle, so it looks like it is raining or cloudy in every scene. People are wearing jackets even indoors like the clerk in the store so you just feel like it's cold and miserable and that sets the mood for all these burned out kids to not give a ####. I watch it and think " that's the regionwhere Ted Bundy spawned from.

One thing I just noticed was that at the movies end when they showed John choking her, she was wearing clothes, but when she was shown dead, she was naked. That means that sick #### took her clothes off and whatever after she was dead. :unsure:

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