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Post here if your team is 9-2


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Not in loserville. Why not go for another 1-15 record and be the first team to have two of them 1-15 seasons! B)

1-15 is always the goal. It will be a difficult task though and the road ahead is paved with uncertainty. I think they may have the courage, strength and tenacity to go 1-15 though. We'll see.

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Not really. 17 different teams have won a SB. That leaves 15 teams that have not won a SB!

Winning Super Bowl Teams

17 different teams have won the Super Bowl.

6 for the Pittsburgh steelers

5 each for Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers

3 each for Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, Washington Redskins

2 each for Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants, Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts

1 each for Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

love that list wfw...ill let folks figure out why :D

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