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Reasons why we will undoubtedly WIN this game.


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Another week in the NFL, another week to root our lungs out for our darn good Atlanta Falcons team. We face a NFC powerhouse in the Green Bay Packers, but let's not forget that we too are a NFC and NFL powerhouse. We have a chance to flex our muscles once more, not for a quest of respect, but simply for a win. With New Orleans turning it up and Tampa showing that maybe they are for real, we just have to keep on winning. Green Bay is a very solid team, but just like any other team they have weaknesses. That said, the NFL is going to get a treat out of watching our Falcons clash with the Packers. So why will we win this game, you ask? Well:

1. We're playing in the Dome....nuff said.

2. We have been so ON FIRE these past few games offensively. Opposing defenses now have a lot more to be worried about because it seems as if Mularkey has opened up our playbook. This will be the case with Green Bay.

3. Turner will have a monster game. Snelling will get a lot of touches as well. Their defense is fast. A consistent power attack will wear them down.

4. Brent Grimes. Grimes does not shy away from competition. He's pesky and has great technique.

5. Our run defense will make them one dimensional.

6. There's still nobody in the league that can cover Roddy White. He's playing on a totally different level this year. Charles Woodson will have his hands full.

7. Charles Woodson on Roddy means other receivers will be open. Jenkins, Finn, Douglas, Gonzalez have all stepped up when needed this year, and will tomorrow.

8. This is our 6th or 7th 3-4 defense we've faced this year. Familiarity is a superb professor.

9. Green Bay gets pressure by sending the blitz. Matt Ryan has been deadly this year against pressure. This will continue to transpire for some big gains.

10. Coach Smith has this coaching staff and team clicking on all cylinders. He knows this is a big game. He will have our guys ready for the task to pull out the W.

The Georgia Dome will be loud and rocking. More and more people are starting to get behind this team. More and more Atlantans are beginning to buy into this Atlanta Falcons product that has been artfully constructed by Arthur Blank, Thomas Dimitroff and Coach Mike Smith. We are a confident team, but far from cocky. But we are even more a family. These guys have been together for 3 straight years with little change. There's a trust amongst this team that is starting to show in our play. Everybody knows their roles. The chemistry is evident. Let's keep supporting our guys and keep cultivating a new feel of Atlanta Falcons confidence!

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I don't give many +1s but you get one bro. I too think we will win tomorrow. Unlike many though I think we will blow them out.

But I'm just a message boarder like you. We could lose tomorrow. If we do I will be able to handle it. Unlike many message boarders.

Yeah we could lose our NFC best record and end up deadlocked in the South at 8-3 with a road game against the Pirates coming up, but even if we do we are still in good shape.

I believe we will take care of business tomorrow.

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Woodson wont be covering White. Woodson plays the slot because of his versatility. Truthfully Green Bay doesnt even play a 3-4. They rarely ever play base defense. They play nickel 95% of the time and let Woodson be a jack of all trades. He'll cover the slot, blitz, or contain the run.

Tramon Williams will be covering Roddy White. Tramon Williams has 4 INTs, 1 FF, 2 FR, and has only allowed one pass of more than 20 yards all season. He still has yet to allow a TD. Should be a good match-up.

You wont need to worry about making Green Bay one dimensional. Theyll do that all by themselves.

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I think the only thing that will keep this game from looking like an arena football score will be ATL's rushing attack slowing the game down. However, if GB's secondary is still banged up the no-huddle will tire out what bodies they do have out there.

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I think we'll win this game easily, but c'mon now.. if you're going to make a post like this atleast do some research. There is no way Woodson will be covering Roddy White. They have another corner who covers top recievers (Don't know his name), but he doesn't get a lot of respect. I was reading an article about him earlier this week, and he might actually be Roddy's biggest threat so far this season.

But I doubt it. You can't cover that guy. Regardless, I'm not going to try and say that it will be a respectable game, because I honestly think we will run the score on these dudes. We'll be up by atleast 3 scores by the end of the game.

Green Bay cannot stop us, they can only hope to contain us.

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