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Tyson Clabo

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we have to worry about getting Blaylock, Dahl and Clabo signed. I doubt we keep them all though.

Out of those 3 guys, I think we should sign Dahl and Clabo. I would also like us to sign Blaylock, but we can't keep everybody. -_-

Let's just see what happens in the offseason with our O-line ^_^

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Clabo is a fantastic story.

But this is no big suprise. Do you remember the great games from Vick against Steelers and Bengals in 2006?

There was a no name Free agent at guard for the suspended Matt Lehr. But the O-line played at his best level with Tyson Clabo as guard. Then Lehr came back and clabo got benched. I did never unterstand that fact. Never!

But okay it was Mora....The team-killer!

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I want to ask the people that want Clabo to move to guard this question. If Clabo is playing lights out at the right tackle position, why would you want him to get out of that position? The guy is killing people at the RT spot. RT is a huge role on a team and he is playing it up to a pro bowl level. Would you rather have him play a lesser role in the RG position and put someone at RT who won't perform as good as Clabo can?

In my view, you groom a guy to be your guard. Sam Baker and Clabo should be our tackles. Baker has grown on me these past weeks.

I think its safe to say that Blalock will be the odd man out. Dahl and Clabo are a great combo to have. Mike Johnson should take over the LG spot next year. Mcclure will probably stick around another year, with Hawley backing him up. Baker is the LT and we re sign Dahl and Clabo.


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I am a believer in Sam Baker, he has done a very good lately. And I cant remember what the event was called but it was with Coach Smith, TD, Mr. Blank, and Rich, and Coach Smith threw Dahl's name out there. I hope McClure stays Because I have no doubt that Hawley will be great for this team, getting to learn from a guy like McClure can only make him better.

But we did draft Johnson for a reason and it seems as if all signs are pointing to Blalock being the odd man out.

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