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I think it's time we exposed this Antoine Dobson dude

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A few things stick out with me on this:

- News crews never give that much camera time to witnesses. Not unless somebody's child or immediate family member has died and they are crying their eyes out.

- Look at how focused this Antoine is on the camera. This tells me that he (probably a two-bit stage actor or comedian) is WELL accustomed to speaking into a camera and before an audience. Most victims when they are interviewed keep looking at the reporter, not straight at the news camera.

- Notice how the camera is so meticulously adjusted right at the dude dusting for prints. This was all a SET UP! Will any news crew spend THAT much on-air time on a borderline ghetto break-in (attempted assualt) story where no one got hurt, let alone killed? Noooooooooooooooooooo!

- Lastly, that song. Very nice try. But the words to the song were constructed before they were placed in Antoine's and the girl's mouths as testimony.

Ok people, tell me what you think. I rest my case.

Joe B)

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They did a follow up story on Dobson. He's legitimately ghetto.

I'll paraphrase.

Reporter: You have become very popular on the internet; millions have seen you.

Dobson: That's nice that people like watching me on the television.

If he's acting, then watch out Denzel Washington.

i heard he is out of the ghetto now from all the money his song and merch made.

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