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Our players are playing at a Pro-Bowl level.

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Like a lot of people on here I saw the returns of the probowl votes and I was disgusted that the team with the best record in the NFC only had two players starting and it was because they were outplaying the rest of the conference by a large margin.

Matt Ryan* 18 Tds and 5 ints he is outplaying Brees Rodgers and most qbs in the league.

Roddy White*

Michael Turner

Tony Gonzalez*

Tyson Clabo*

Harvey Dahl

Ovie Mughelli*

John Abraham

Brent Grimes

Jonathan Babineaux*

Curtis Lofton

Matt Bryant*

*Should start

A lot of our guys on offense are outplaying most people in the NFC. A lot of people on here complain about us not getting respect well here is your chance to make sure we put the rest of the league on notice and more importantly show to our players that we have their back. They might not play in the pro bowl but they will have that tag next to there name.

Ballot: http://www.nfl.com/probowl/ballot?icampaign=HP_CP_PB_ballot&module=News_CP

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