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My analysis of my first Falcons game.


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First of all, I got to the dome around 12 then drove around downtown St. Louis looking for a place to buy a sharpie. Finally found some and headed back around 12:25. When we got to the dome there really wasn't anything telling us where we should enter the building. I ended up asking a security guard if it was an entrance that he was guarding. He said yeah and searched me, almost let me walk in without showing my ticket then asked to see it. After seeing it he said oh you have to do to that door and pointed towards a door about 15 feet away. When I got there they sent me back to the same door I was at and told me this was a media entrance. So, I head back to the other door and they let me in this time. When I get in it becomes apparent to me that this isn't the entrance fans are supposed to go through. Regardless, I am going through it. They scan my ticket in and I am directed to an elevator where they take me to the concourse level.

When I get inside the building my friend and I decide we should just walk into the seating area and find our seats rather than walk around the outside. Well, when we get we quickly realize no one is here. Literally, no one. The players are on the field warming up but no staff to be found anywhere. We decide we should go find our seats, as we do that I look at the tunnels to see which teams are coming out of which tunnels. I locate our tunnel and after finding our seats we head over there.

I am pretty giddy as I see the team walking by me through the tunnel, but restrain myself from asking for autographs as they go to warmup, instead, I would wait until they are on their way back in. I watched players come and go, through the tunnel (most of the players coming back into the tunnel I couldn't recognize mostly lineman and backups) so I didn't ask them to sign. I was afraid to call them by name and be wrong. In the mean time I recognize, a few people exiting the tunnel. Matt Ryan, Michael Jenkins, Brent Grimes, Johnathan Babineaux, Harry Douglas, Brian Finneran, Gartrell Johnson, Peria Jerry, and a few more. Jenkins was the first to return to the tunnel, I realize this, stand up and speak loudly (not yelling but enough to get his attention.), "Mr. Jenkins". He noticed me pretty quickly, I and my friend are the only people in the seating area, still. I am pretty excited when I realize he's headed my way. I hand him my hat, he signs it and asks how I'm doing. Seemed like a nice guy, I told him to kick some az as he was leaving.

A little time goes on and I noticed Thomas Dimitroff snuck by me at the last second, still not sure I would have wanted him to sign the hat anyway. A check, maybe. Shortly after Matt Ryan is returning to the tunnel, I realize this and start my miniature panic attack. And in similar fashion I call him over, and he begins to head my way. I could have died at this point, don't even remember handing him my hat. I do remember, however, congratulating him on last weeks performance. Some of you may have gotten autographs from these guys before or maybe even met them. But for me, this was my first time getting any kind of professional athlete to acknowledge me and actually sign something. (I've been to a few Packer games but was never really interested in their players. Certainly not the same level of interest I have in our players).

On to the game. Just before the kickoff I realize a pack of Falcon fans all wearing Kroy Biermann jerseys. This was obvious to me, Kroy is a good player, but this had to be his family. Sure enough, they tell me they are and we talk briefly. They sat a couple rows behind me. They also tell me that Roddy's mom, Matt's mom, and Coy Wire's family are all here as well.

When the game gets started I am one of the few actually yelling for the Falcons when we make good plays. (There were quite a few Falcon fans) The Rams fans got pretty loud collectively and it made me realize how the noise can effect an offense. At times I wondered how they were able to run the no huddle, but they did so effectively regardless. They keep at it all the way until the William Moore (interception?) play. I say that as a question because I'm still not sure what the play actually looked like. Did he really pick off a shovel pass? Anyway, after that play half the stadium empties out. I say bye to all of them because it seems like the polite thing to do. They don't like it so much. I don't care. It's funny. After they all clear out I get into a fairly good conversation with one of their fans. He seems like a cool guy, basically he tells me he's surprised we didn't blow em out. After we score the touchdown even more fans leave. By this time all the Falcons fans in the lower sections have made their way to the front, some of the red flags from last Thursdays game. As we line up to go for two their remaining fans boo, I tell the fan I had been talking to for awhile at the point that I would boo us too, cause this makes no sense.

On our way out there is plenty of high fiving with other Falcon fans. All in all it was a great experience. One of the best weekends of my life so far. (I'm young lol) I really want to get down to the Georgia Dome at some point next season. Until then, I am hoping we get a playoff game up here that I can go to. Obviously I'd hope we also won so it wouldn't matter that we didn't get home field. (I'm thinkin' Lambeau for the NFCCG)

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Congrats man! I had a similar experience at my first game last year! Except 9ers fans were pretty rude to me, but didn't stop me from cheering them on! :)

Thanks! And yeah I was kinda worried the Rams fans would be rude but I don't think I got anything bad from anyone. The guy in front of me turned around after they got up 10-3 and said "It's ok I have Ryan and Roddy on my fantasy team". That was about as bad as it got. lol

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Congrats. Sounds like you had an awesome time. I am still yet to see my first Falcon's game live. Well as a true falcons fan anyway. I seen em when I was like 12 but wasn't a fan then lol.

I hope I can have half the experience you had today when I finally get to watch em live.

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