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"Falcons still can't win on the road... outdoors"

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I know your sense of humor, Abraham, so I'm sure you'll agree with me that its just easier to laugh at these guys. I'm sure you're right, at least a few pundits will say that or something similar but honestly I don't think anything Atlanta does will earn respect. We're "too boring", "too simplistic". When Atlanta makes the Super Bowl, regardless of who they play, it will be immediately labeled a boring game. I guarantee it.

But I'm a Falcons fan. I don't care if they think we're boring, or simplistic, and I don't give a flying rat's backside if they think a Super Bowl with us representing the NFC will be a boring game. I'm a Falcons fan, and I love this team and how they play and what they represent. Let them get their jollies stroking the Saints, Jets, Colts or Pats. We'll have the last laugh.

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