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Half-Time Observations


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-The coaching staff are not as high on Sidbury as we thought. He got the start but I haven't seen him on the field.

-Another player they may not be too high on is Douglas. I have seen him in the game but not yet targeted unless I missed a pass. On top of that Finn is usually in when we go to a 3 wide set. I thought at first it was just in the red zone but I noticed it at midfield too.

-The rushing game, run blocking or Turner (not sure where the blame lies) has not been as effective the past 2 weeks.

-Matt Ryan has been money. Besides missing the read to Gonzalez at the end of the half he has been delivering great passes.

-Defense started off a little shaky but have done pretty good closing out the half.

-Offense needs to put the ball in the endzone when we get in the redzone. We are leaving points on the field and leaving the door open for late comebacks. We need to get the Kobe Bryant mentality and put teams away.

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