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What are you expecting in the game today?


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I honestly don't know what to expect. We could approach the game like we did the Ravens, thinking they will stop the run so we come out firing. I actually hope this is what we do. I can bet you the Rams don't know what to do. Should they focus on the run or the pass. Should they double Roddy all day and risk Gonzalez or Turner burning you all day or vice versa. Thank God I don't have to gameplan against us. One thing I've noticed with the Falcons on the road. Our offensive line struggles a lot getting protection for Ryan and making holes for Turner. The opposing defense usually gets a lil better jump off the ball cause we can't hear the snap count I guess.

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I expect us to play ultra conservative on offense. Mistake free and risk free football. I think we are going to let our defense win this one for us.

I know people are not going to like this gameplan, but I do think it's the gameplan we are putting in. I think our coaches are looking at film and at the Rams and saying to themselves, we are the better team, the Rams offense is not that good, and the only way we lose this game is if we turn the ball over on offense. With this in mind, I think we go ultra conservative on offense, and try to stop Jackson on defense.

I hope I am wrong. Last week was our signature win where we made a statement to the rest of the league. This week should be our exclamation point.

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We've had what amounts to an extra bye week coming into this game.

I expect us to be totally prepared for the Rams- coaches and players- and to look like a team that wants and expects to be a factor in the post-season.

Anything short of that would be a complete letdown.

From the Rams i expect to see a young, fiery team that is well coached, but still a year or two away talent-wise from winning games like this one.

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I expect the Rams to try to surprise us. I think they playaction and try to test our secondary on their first offensive possession. I think they are going to take some risks early on in hopes of hitting a big play, getting a lead, and pounding Jackson the rest of the game to try to protect it.

I think Abe will be doubled most of the day as well. I also think Biermann will have some opportunities to make some big plays today with Abe getting most of the attention after what he did to Flacco last week. I also think (hope) this entire groin thing with Abe on the injury list is a ploy to ease up some of that attention.

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