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The Rams....


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Let me start by saying the Rams are a much improved team this year and have been fun to watch on occasion. But all the "experts" picking us to lose this game are NUTS!

I've read tons of forums on why we will/will not win this game today but when we win today it will be because of one thing.... COACHING!

Like many of you, I've been watching the Falcons for years and last Thursday was the first time in a LONG time that I can say we beat a GREAT team because they were outcoached on all sides of the ball, especially offensively. For years, we've been one of those teams that ran the ball well but when someone found a way to stop the run there was a good chance we were going to lose. Last Thursday, coaches changed those plans and we became a pass first team, where Matt Ryan was unleashed to throw 50 passes and the Ravens weren't ready for it.

The Falcons are more balanced then I can EVER remember it being and I look for Matt Ryan to light it up again today against a top 10 run defense. Either way, the Rams won't be ready for what we have in store. Go FALCONS!!

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Stop Jackson and make Bradford beat us with his arm, sounds pretty solid to me. Bradford is going to be a great QB in this league but I doubt that's going to happen this year. I don't care if it is a road game for us I think we'd win this one.

Once we prove that we can win on the road the pundits will be more willing to side with us.

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