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Don't forget - ATL vs. STL game kicks off at 4:05PM, not at 1PM

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I saw this yesterday and it completely made my day! It was the first game I was going to have to miss if it was at 1. My baby is being baptised at 1:30pm today. I asked the church if we could do it later but couldn't. I was soooo bummed. God saw I was putting my faith before my Falcons, so he rewarded me by moving the game to 4:05, giving me plenty of time to do both. So you guys can blame me for the game being at 4 instead of 1.

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Just my luck I have to go in to work at 5 <_<

Guess the DVR and someone continuously texting me the score will have to do.

I had a similar problem watching a game one time, I called in sick, I told them I had Falcons fever and the thought of missing the game was making me puke. When the boss laughed and said "Your kidding right?", I laughed and said, yeah I'm kidding "I quite!, Bye". :lol:

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