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i know the difference between teams losing because they just didnt perform well and losing because of the refs and when Nebraska plays not only tonight but it is EVERY game and i am sick of it. im almost ready to write a letter to the ncaa about how bad it is and it is totally unfair. they are one of the most penalized and other teams have the fewest when they play them. im SOOOO happy we are leaving the texas league and joining a real conference. if dan beebe were standing in front of me right now he would be knocked out. if you saw the game you can not tell me Nebraska didnt get screwed. yes i do believe they should have made a touchdown to win the game which in my opinion would have been the greatest win ever in the history of football considering Martinez was playing with ONE leg and every ref looking for any sign for a penalty so they can use their **** flags. once again i hate the big 12 dan beebe texas and like Bo Pelini said it the best to the refs (you could read his mouth perfectly) Screw all of you

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not sure if any of you heard this but last night it seemed as if Taylor Martinez quit the team.

My link

just a rumor but never had a worse weekend than this

I sure hope Martinez doesn't quit the team.....but after Bo Pelini screamed in his face and poked his chest on national TV....for no apparent reason...I certainly would not blame the kid.

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