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FALCO: "We're On The Road Again!"

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WOW o WOWsa! :D

I love it , love it love it!

2 questions

Is that Rev Hal next to the driver and how did Falco manage to gits his big azz feets into dem boots ? :D

Also diggin on the new signature.

Caned Heat,,, Mane that brings back some fond memories.

Me first git fiddle was an Epiphone 330 with a Fender Band Master Amp.

I was just a little feller about 11 or 12 playing along with that tune..Suzy Q was also my Favorite.

and then came Santana an Led Zep I.

And Since you decided to grove on a pict;

at that time we were living in some apts on 3518 Roswell Rd.

You might know the names of two of my neighbors in the complex A- E

Nigel Olsen when he invited me in. his Chrome Slingerlands filled his living room. ©

The other neighbor was Tommy Nobis (B)

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one bump for latecomers. Thanks everyone.:)

Glad you did that, my brother! Been crazy busy w/work, and preparations for a biz trip this weekend. Glad I got to see the toon before I get on the plane tomorrow! :D

That motorcycle is badazz! Remind me next weekend to talk to u and Tim about art, motorcycles, and something my boss was asking about. (He gets to see yall's artwork quite frequently, as my cube usually has 4 or more hanging up! Gotten lots of asks about the schedule, and been proud to share your story w/my work associates! B)

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