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The thread about Bart


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The coolest thing about the Bart thread is that except for the sarcastic replies from those who were not around or not Falcon fans back then is every reply is true. The man was every bit the awesome quarterback posted in that thread. Had the Falcons been owned by a man like Mr. Blank back then, we would have quite a Falcon legacy to celebrate today.

What it shows more than anything is that no one man, no matter how talented can make a team one of the elite. It takes a good supporting cast from the front office to the equipment manager. We have another future great leading our team now and thankfully the team is now owned by someone who really cares about the team and this city. He may of made some mistakes (Petrino comes to mind), but I have to say that it is great to support a team tha the owner cares as much about as the diehard fans do.

Thanks, Mr. Blank!

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