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Atlanta Falcons Mailbag: Nov. 18


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Atlanta Falcons mailbag

November, 18, 2010 11:20AM By Pat Yasinskas

The Atlanta Falcons are next in our series of team-by-team mailbags.

Taylor in Athens, Ga., writes: I was recently thinking about how Harry Douglas has not been making near as much noise as I had hoped. After seeing your stock watch, I realized I was not the only one thinking that. How can he not be producing when defenses have to game plan for Roddy White, Michael Turner, and Tony Gonzalez?

Pat Yasinskas: I think it’s fair to say Douglas hasn’t produced the way the Falcons envisioned. He had to play the No. 2 receiver spot early on when Michael Jenkins was injured and that meant Douglas was playing out of position. He’s supposed to be a true slot receiver and he’s been playing there since Jenkins returned. But Douglas hasn’t produced much from the slot, which is disappointing. As you point out, the Falcons have a lot of other weapons and that should open the way for Douglas to contribute. So far, he hasn’t.


Jamie in Atlanta writes: The Falcons are probably going to be looking at drafting a RB next year. What are the chances they go after DeAngelo Williams instead?

Pat Yasinskas: We’ll have to wait to see what happens with the labor situation and if Carolina allows Williams to become a free agent. But, if he’s available, I think that’s something the Falcons should consider. Williams could be a nice complement to Michael Turner. Williams has shared carries throughout his time in Carolina and he’d bring an element of speed to Atlanta’s backfield. Williams and Turner could be a very nice combination.


Eddie in Woodstock, Ga., writes: I've told anyone who would listen that since Matt Ryan came into the league, he's been one of the very best when needing to score on the last drive to win the game. We saw it earlier in his career in the Georgia Dome against the Bears, and Thursday night's performance against the Ravens only solidifies my opinion. Your thoughts on this topic?

Pat Yasinskas: I’m with you all the way on this one. That’s part of the reason he’s called “Matty Ice."


Karim in Chicago writes: The Eagles are poised to make a run for the playoffs. The Falcons have not been successful at all against Philly over the past few years. What do you think they need to do in order to win against Philly in a possible playoff matchup?

Pat Yasinskas: The most helpful thing would be for the Falcons to ensure that game is played in the Georgia Dome. Atlanta is much better at home and their passing game would probably be a lot more effective in the dome than it would be outdoors in Philadelphia in January. The defense would also have to be healthy (linebacker Sean Weatherspoon can make this defense a lot better when he’s on the field) and find a way to contain Michael Vick.


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Good stuff. Thanks for posting.

You're more than welcome. I post various Falcons articles for informational purposes and possible discussion. If the article generates nothing worthy of debate or discussion, it's still nice to know that people appreciate the efforts.

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Thanks for posting. I wish somebody would ask him what he thinks about how Koenen has been kicking off. Half of his kicks go to the back of the endzone and half of them look like a short and horrible kick. Is that the game plan because it's not working very well?

The kicks are so bad that it seems like it almost has to be planned that way, but I don't know why.

Pat might have some idea or maybe he will look into it if somebody asks.

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