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Can our fanbase handle an Eagles at the Dome playoff game?


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On another note: I was a huge supporter of MV7 & I am as a person/human am glad he turned his life around & has made the best of his second chance in the NFL. The Falcons fan in me was ticked seeing his performance on MNF, knowing he could've done the same here if he had applied himself. The Falcon organization & fanbase was screwed over by him. All he had to do was come clean with AB. If he had, we probably wouldn't had traded Schaub & he may had a slim chance of coming back here. We were left with Harrington & had to use a 1st Rd pick to get a QB instead of defensive help. If he had been living up to accepted standards & not stupidity, he would've kept his job & $120 million contract. I don't understand his huggers. They should move on to the Eagles fanbase. We are so fortunate as a franchise that this did not set us back many years.(Look at the Matt Millen fiasco in Detroit). Our quick turnaround was unexpected & is so sweet. I think if our team was doing pitiful as in 2007 when he caused this mess I would not be happy for his personal redemption & I would be bitter. But we have overcome so I can forgive, but I **** sure won't forget.

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1) Vick fans are not Falcon fans -- never have been. Falcon fans liked Vick when he played on the team and BEFORE he screwed us over.

2) There are plenty of Vick fans in ATL -- probably more than Falcon fans. That is probably no secret to the Falcons players. They can deal, so can I.

3) I believe Vick will be Vick when it comes to the playoffs. We had a bad taste of the Eagles. But now we know what to expect. Wasn't that always the case when it came to Vick in the past -- teams were puzzled at first but eventually figured him out. I'm sure VanGorder rewrote his book after the Oct 17 game.

4) The 75% of Falcon fans will be able to out scream the 25% of Vick fans. If Ryan had played the Eagles game in '09 I'd bet the Vick fans would have had nothing to shout about.

5) This Falcons team is a team. It's not the one man show it was when Vick was QB. Philly OTOH is a that one man show - put Kolb in and the Eagles are less than great. Vick fans can scream their nuts off -- Ryan, Turner, White, Gonzo and co. will have them wanting to cut them off by the end of the game. Book it. Falcons will have the red unis, Vick fans the red faces.

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We play the Rams this week guys. I don't give 2 sh##s what Vick and the Eagles are thinking or doing. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. First we have to get there and right now the road goes through St. Louis because that's the next game on the schedule.

Conrary to the thread title, This is the TAMV, Talk About Michael Vick forum, didn't you know? :ph34r: ;)

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I can handle it. I'm a Falcons fan first and I cheer for my team. I could care less how many Eagles fans are there - it doesn't matter to me one bit.

I'm going to be cheering my team and laughing at all the Eagles fans on the way out - to get my tickets to Dallas to watch my team win the Super Bowl!

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