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AU fans still defending Fairley


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It's amazing to me that the majority of the AU fan base is still defending him and just want to shrug it off as 'sour grapes'. Funny thing is you don't hear UGA fans complaining about the loss or even the fact that Newton played when most universities (UGA included) would have sat him after what came out last week about the investigation.

Here is what they are failing to realize, the entire nation saw it for what it was, pure dirty play on Fairley's part. It was even being discussed on ESPN radio and they were saying the same as EVERYONE in the country except AU fans. Heck, I've saw Tx boards, Mi boards just blasting AU and Fairley for this type of behavior. One of my best friends is AU and he is embarassed by it.

Why is this so hard for them to understand?

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My guess is they don't want to see another 13-0 season end where they win nothing like back in 2004. So the denial factor is definitely high.

Even all the writers on Around the Horn said that Fairley needed to be suspended, but since the SEC is about money and they want another BCS champion to fill the coffers, it won't happen.

For me as a UGA fan, its not about the loss, its about the denial of AU fans on one of their own trying to purposely injure our most important player. Coupled with the fact of the inactivity on the part of the SEC to enforce something that everyone, not just UGA, has seen and experienced from one of their players.

We may not be in the BCS hunt like AU, but don't jeopardize our chances of qualifying for a bowl due to dirty play.

(Speaking with no animosity here, I forsee AU losing to Bama and beating SC in the SECCG. I also see the NCAA taking action against Cam Newton for his father and making him ineligible for the BCS NCG. If they don't and he plays and they win, the NCAA will eventually find wrongdoing after the fact and they'll forfeit the trophy regardless. My two cents on their mess.)

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