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Memories of the 2010 Season


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I just wanted to start a post for people to share their favorite moments of the season, catching a home run, meeting a player, going to your first game, etc. Here are a few of mine.

Spring Training

The woman and I went down to Orlando and Space Coast to watch the Braves and Nats play and home and away series. Champion’s Stadium is beautiful. We were walking around the home side of the stadium and met a few players. Tommy Hanson was particularly nice. He didn’t mind talking baseball with a fan and seemed genuinely appreciative when I told him he should have won Rookie of the Year.

The next day we drove to Space Coast, Fl, where the Nats call home. In a tradition that carries on to the regular season, there were more Braves fans there than Nats fans. Scott Procter was warming up. I asked for his autograph, along with a few other fans. He said he would sign autographs on if we signed the bill of his hat. It was a good gesture and we all signed his hat, while he signed our assortment of memorabilia. I instantly became a fan of his.

Regular Season

Going to Kawakami’s only (and last thankfully) win against the Tigers. The fun part was the moment they had for Chipper after he hit his three run homer, when the team let him run on the field by himself.

Bobby’s Last Two Games. These were great, especially winning on Sunday to get to the playoffs. Watching all the former Braves players walk to the field for the ceremony on Saturday was very memorable for me. The ovation that received well deserved. I am even less of a fan of Bud Selig for not attending Bobby’s farewell, but I know he busy picking out the worst of the umpires for the post season.

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My best memory of this past season was the 4th of July game against the Phillies. Robins AFB, and a couple of other bases in Georgia teamed up with the Atlanta Braves and asked for numerous volunteers from the Armed Forces. I was lucky enough to be selected. We were escorted onto the field for the pre-game ceremony.

Just stepping onto the field was a dream come true. I had so many emotions flowing through me it was incredible. From living a dream of walking on the field, to the thousands of people clapping and showing their appreciation to those of us who serve. It was such an emotional time. My wife who is also in the military was walking next to me, and I saw her crying. She knew how much it meant to me to be on the field, and the applause and generosity of those in attendance got to her as well.

I stood about 2 feet away from first base and just took everything in. On the way off the field, alot of the Braves players came to the top of the dugout and shook our hands. I got to talk to Huddy for a brief minute. Very nice guy, and is one of my favorites. After the pre-game ceremony, i proceeded to find my mother in the stands with my then 6 month old son, and we all took in a Braves victory. For the first time in my life as a service member, a complete stranger went out of her way and paid for my purchase. It was very nice of her, especially since I was buying a souvenier adult beverage that was $13.


My second favorite memory:

Before spring training, I was getting my wife involved in Atlanta Braves baseball. Going over the players names, the positions, the rules, etc. I told her about Bobby Cox and his legacy. I told her how he's been the only coach i've ever known and that I didn't care what was going on, we were going to his final home game since it was his last year. She thought it would be awesome so she agreed. Fast forward a few months. My supervisor calls me to his office and informs me that I am going to be deploying. I asked when, and he said towards the end of July.

My heart sank. Not only would I be missing Bobby's last game, but I would be missing all of the major holidays and my sons first birthday. Almost immediately after finding out, I called the wife. She was devasted. She had felt so bad because they had talked about her deploying and she was worried she would be missing out on all of the things I am now.

Fast forward a few months. Here I am in Iraq. I had just watched the Braves be eliminated from the playoffs, and I see Bobby Cox for the last time on television wishing I was there. My wife tells me that she is sorry, and that she hopes her surprise will make me feel better. So on my next off day, I do what I always do, and get on webcam and chat with her and my son. I asked her what the surprise was.

She then held up a baseball. It was signed by Bobby Cox. She had sent a letter to the Atlanta Braves Organization telling them of our story and how I wanted to go to his final home game, but had been called to duty. They were gracious enough to send us a signed ball, and it now sits at home waiting for me. It will hold a VERY special place in my heart, and I will never forget how nice and thoughtful the Organization was for doing that. I will post the letter my wife sent, just in case anyone wants to read it.

Those are my most memorable moments from the 2010 Atlanta Braves Season. Sorry for the long read.

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Here is the letter my wife sent:

Dear Atlanta Braves,

My name is Ashley Hart and my husband David is a huge fan of the Atlanta Braves. He’s been a fan all his life, and all he’s been talking about is how this is Bobby Cox and possibly Chipper Jones’ last year. He told me one day “I don’t care if we don’t see a game all season but I will be at the last game for Bobby Cox” and I told him of course. We’ve only been to 2 games this year and the last one was the Military Appreciation Day and he was the happiest person on the planet to be able to walk on that field. All he has wanted to do is see Bobby and Chipper off this year however he cannot. He is deployed to Joint Base Balad, Iraq.

He has been deployed since July 17th and will not be home until early March of 2011. I told him that I will be there with our son DJ (David Jr), my mother in law Renee and her Fiancé Terry. I will be taking video, pictures and anything I can to make him feel like he was there. But the one thing I want to get him is an autographed baseball. Having this ball would mean the world to him, and to be able to show his children and grandchildren that he has a ball signed by the Atlanta Braves players will be priceless. To see his face light up every time he sees that baseball or shows it off will make me proud, proud of you all to take time to sign a ball and proud that I helped make it happen.

My husband and I are both in the United States Air Force stationed at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgia. I have been told that I am deploying in December now for 6 months and won’t be home until May-June 2011. Luckily we’ll be deployed together for 3 of the 6 months and I would love to be able to take his baseball to him along with his pictures of the game. I wouldn’t know how to thank you if I am able to do this for him. Thank you so much for your time and cooperation! Have a wonderful and Blessed day!



Ashley Hart

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