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Some Love From Greg Easterbrook's TMQ


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Maybe Atlanta Is the NFL's Best Team: The Falcons have won 10 of their past 12. Atlanta plays without much flair and doesn't have many stars -- how many Falcons defensive starters can you name without looking? -- but is methodically effective. The Falcons have drafted well -- most of the starters are Atlanta draftees and have spent their whole careers with the team, which is good for cohesion.

Trailing Baltimore 21-20, Atlanta took possession at its 20 with 1:05 remaining, holding one timeout. The Falcons went down the field as if the Ravens weren't there, scoring a touchdown to win in eight plays and just 45 seconds. Nothing flashy -- a series of well-thrown short passes, capped by a Baltimore six-man blitz when Atlanta was on the Nevermores' 33 with 27 seconds showing, the blitz leaving super-effective Roddy White single-covered by backup corner Josh Wilson. Since the super-effective White already had 11 receptions when that play started, and already had been thrown to 16 times, why was he single-covered by a reserve? You tell me.

Baltimore players complained of exhaustion from playing Sunday, then traveling to Atlanta to play Thursday. The Falcons played Sunday then Thursday too, but didn't have to travel, so maybe the final Atlanta drive was determined by Baltimore fatigue. But Atlanta sure looked as if it knew what it was doing at the endgame. Time to put the Falcons on the radar.

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