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Is bear hunting necessary?

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It only took me sitting on top of a ladder behind a bush in the middle of the everglades (which is nothing more than a swamp) to realize that hunting aint for me. lol. Not to mention you have to walk through muck that's filled with snakes and alligators to get to your ladder. Maybe in a different environment I would have liked it, but I also think of all the times I have seen something die and felt pity or sorrow for that creature so I don't think I would like killing something.

At the same time some of my best friends have been hunters and I don't have any bad feelings for people who do hunt and I understand that in some cases it is a necessity and in others it is done for sport. Doesn't really bother me that people get a thrill out of it. I just get a thrill going to the range and blowing holes through paper with my stock pile of weapons. To me that is the biggest thrill.

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