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So scouts really don't look at underclassmen...


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I know this whole argument was supposed to have ended but I couldn't resist:


11/04/10 - LaMichael James has given no indication that he intends to declare for next April’s NFL draft, but scouts are paying close attention to Oregon’s sophomore tailback. James redshirted as a true fre“He has been so dang productive,” says one scout,shman, so he is eligible. who asks for anonymity. “His size will be an issue, and he probably is not going to be an every-down back in the NFL. Look around the league. How many guys his size are players? There are some, but not many. “But he is so quick, with great speed. He can catch the ball, and he has (kickoff and punt) return ability. Some guys who come out of the spread offense are a product of the system. I think he’s more than that. “Somebody is going to be interested in him if he comes out. I imagine everybody in the Pac-10 hopes he does.” But the scout recommends James stay at Oregon for another year. “Guys mature,” he says. “Their bodies get a little stronger, they may learn a little more about (pass) protection, they may grow up a little. It’s too early to project (where James might go in the draft), but if he is going to be a mid- to late-round choice, why not stay and do more work toward a degree?”

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You were sold that they don't waste time looking at underclassmen, take notes, or even think about them essentially.

and I stand by that. They may notice them while watching film but they're not going to waste time on them. There is no real evidence that scouts are looking at him. It's probably just the writer putting that in.

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