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A question for Auburn Fans...

Gritzblitz 2.0

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Let's assume for a moment that Auburn goes undefeated and wins a National Title. And let's assume that sometime afterward, the NCAA discovers that the current allegations were true and hit Auburn with a similar punishment that USC has just received.

Would it be worth it? This isn't a "gotcha" question, I'm just curious how many true Auburn fans would trade punishment and embarrassment later for a National Title now.

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What if it results in Auburn being turned into a smoking crater with similar punishment to USC (postseason ban, etc)?

There has still yet to be any accusations of Auburn paying Newton, only that Cecil asked MSU for money. So, if that is proved true, the worst we hopefully face is forfeiting the season without losing any bowl eligibility or scholarships. USC is being punished because it was proven that a USC booster gave Bush's family money. (Hopefully) not the same situation here.

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