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We're The BEST Team in NFC!

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I can guarantee the following from ESPN about this weekend so far:

~30% coverage: Talking about the Cowboys win and asking if this is the beginning of a legendary run to the playoffs and Super Bowl

~20% coverage: Talking about soap opera in Minnesota and Brett Favre

~20% coverage: Talking about the outcome of the Patriots-Steelers games

~15% coverage: Talking about the Giants and Jets

~15% coverage: Everything else

The Cowboys are going to get way more than 30% coverage, only the Cowboys at 2-7 will be talked about so much. :wacko:

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This is a cool website:

playoffstatus.com - NFC Playoff Picture

We're #1 on this list!

and here:

playoffstatus.com - NFL Post Season Probabilities

We're #1 on this list, too and it says we have the greatest chance to win the SB right now!!

This site is updated after each games so it shows up to the minute percentages. Pretty cool web site to save in your favorites.

*** Actually, not immediately. The Steelers/ Patriots game hasn't updated yet and of course when it does we won't be #1 on the post season probabilities since the whole media machine is biased for teams like the Patriots! Oh well, I guess the Falcons will just have to come out and keep winning!!!


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