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So Whats everyone doing today?

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Really relaxed and calm knowing we are already 7-2 and at worst will be tied for best record at the end of the day. Have NFL Sunday ticket so flipping game to game.

I to was wondering why Fox 5 wasn't showing a division game instead of a NFC North game!?

Carolina is pathetic on offense so a very boring game so far and the Bucs Stadium looks 25% empty. Jets-Browns is looking like a battle but need to focus on NFC cause that is what matters most to us!

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Like an idiot I got myself stuck in a Dish Network contract. I'm lucky to even have Fox 5. On day two of my contract I called them and asked to cancel, they told me it would cost me $400+, despite the fact that the installer told me I had 30 days. In case anyone is thinking about it, Dish Network sucks the biggest suck that ever sucked a suck.

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