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The Look on Ryans Face When Clutch Time


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The Ravens must have let us up a spot. I am pretty sure we were number 2 last week. When Ryan is healthy we are always in the top 4 or 5.

When I was discussing the game this week with Ravens fnas and I looked at their last 3 games which showed a 50 percent conversion rate for their opponents I suggested that it might be a problem. People get so caught up in the big stats like where you are ranked offensively and defensively they don't realize they don't paint the correct picture.

One of them predicted that Ryan would get picked off 3 times. I get it. They probably do not see many of our games but I told him that was a very bold prediction. :lol:

Has Matt ever had a 3 INT game? I think he might've had one, but I can't remember.

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i was sitting in a bar in LA, surrounded by raven fans. The bar went wild when Heap caught that touchdown. They were talking so much trash to me (I had my #2 black jersey on). I smiled at them and told them that Ryan does his best work under 2 minutes. You should have seen the progression of their faces as Ryan marched them down the field.

i love it how Ryan has shown falcon fans that the game is 60 minutes and that no matter what the score/circumstances, he will find a way to get it done. He did it in countless games at BC, so you can understand why all BC students worship him.

I was at the game and this obnoxious Ravens fan was behind me. He had been quiet until the 4th qtr and then would not shut up. When Heap scored with 1:05 left he was all excited. I turned around and calmly said "they left Ryan too much time". 45 seconds later he was headed towards the exit and catching massive s*** from Falcons fans. I yelled "What, you don't think Joe Cool can bring you back?"

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Same here ... I was thinking 'Oh ish' we left them 20 seconds and they have Boldin ! When their KR ran out of the endzone my blood pressure returned to normal.

co sign, i was more concerned that WE scored to fast, the way they'd started moving the ball on us. that last sack from ABE was as perfect timing as any of Matts throws IMHO

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I might be in the minority but with the way the D was getting torched I was hoping they would give up a TD when they got in the redzone because I knew if Matt had a minute he would at least get us in FG range where Bryant has been money all year. But he didnt even let it get that far and he took care of business himself.

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This is a post from a ravens fan that I found on a ravens message board that was posted right after our game winning TD that I found to be absolutely hilarious.

11-11-2010, 11:33 PM

bmorebirds_24 Pro Bowl 24x7 Raven Join Date: Jun 2007Location: baltimorePosts: 1,192



Suck my little white **** NFL go **** yourselves you waste of space mother *******.

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