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Matt Ryan NOT a top 10 QB?


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Here are the NFL's top QBs according to QB rating up to this point.My link

So, Matt Ryan is in fact a top 10 QB in this respect.

1 Michael Vick, QB PHI

2 Vince Young, QB TEN

3 Philip Rivers, QB SD

4 David Garrard, QB JAC

5 Peyton Manning, QB IND

6 Tom Brady, QB NE

7 Tony Romo, QB DAL

8 Eli Manning, QB NYG

9 Kyle Orton, QB DEN

10 Matt Ryan, QB ATL

In terms of completion percentage Ryan is number 13(click on pct and it rearanges the list)

1 Drew Brees, QB NO

2 Tony Romo, QB DAL

3 David Garrard, QB JAC

4 Eli Manning, QB NYG

5 Philip Rivers, QB SD

6 Peyton Manning, QB IND

7 Matt Schaub, QB HOU

8 Tom Brady, QB NE

9 Chad Henne, QB MIA

10 Kevin Kolb, QB PHI

11 Aaron Rodgers, QB GB

12 Brett Favre, QB MIN

13 Matt Ryan, QB ATL

14 Kyle Orton, QB DEN

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