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Time to give one player kudos. Sam Baker,


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Suggs did beat him twice but overall a good game. The Oline deserves much credit for giving Matt Ryan time to throw on his 50 attempts last night.

Baker gave up 1 sack.. and that was a coverage sack... Matt had the ball for a long time on that sack...Baker had Suggs under control so much They moved Suggs to Clabo side and thats when he get that other sack and pressures.

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I haven't recognized our OL the last few weeks. I know the Ravens got a few licks, but man, IT WAS THE RAVENS!

Great job for the OL.

I can think of really 4 times ran was touched all game.

One was a coverage sack on the first drive. Ryan just did not get rid of the ball.

The border line late hit by Lewis. which Ryan had tons of time.

The sack by suggs later in the game which that was just a great rush by a great player.

And when Ryan rolled out for the game winner.... I don't think Ryan was touched the rest of the game while in pocket or near it.

The Oline had a star performance no doubt, Ngata who all we heard about was a beast and everything....he had a factor of NONE.

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