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Falcon fans did their part.

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Crying? That must have been awesome. I confess, I was disappointed at the early turnout. The NFL Network Pregame Show was scary, there were a few people in the Dome.

The message board reacted prematurely, including myself. It gave a misleading picture of the turnout in the Dome. Because when the game started it was a different view. When the actual game started it was wall-to-wall people. And the Falcon flags were awesome.

I was at the game and it was probably 60% full at 8:20 and I'm thinking WTF? 10 minutes later for kick off it was 90% full and really got crankin'. Defintely reminded me of the Philly MNF and Rams games.

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There's one thing I noticed different last night. We always leave our tailgate about the same time and get to our seats about when the player introductions are happening. This time, there was a long line at the security check when usually we can walk up and through without a problem. People were getting in there early and it was great. :)

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FLOWERY BRANCH – Falcons coach Mike Smith enjoyed the atmosphere at the Georgia Dome during their 26-21 victory over Baltimore.

“It was electric,” Smith said. “It was the best crowd that we’ve had in the three years we’ve been here. My ears are still ringing from the game last night.”

Smith also thinks the Georgia Dome crowd is knowledgeable.

“Those fans know how to cheer,” Smith said. “They know when to get loud and they know when to get quiet. I think our players feed off of that. It’s really positive energy. I think it helps, it really does.”

The Falcons are 5-0 at home this season. The team is 18-3 in the Dome under Smith.

“In our three years here we are really started to establish a home field advantage,” Smith said.

like I said yesterday, NFL Network took the crowd noise out of their feed. Interesting.

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I keep reading about the playoff atmosphere and how Atlanta has become a tough place for opposing teams. We, as fans, did our part last night. The Dome was electric! I want to thank every one of you that helped our team with the 12th man. Personally I will be sounding like crap for the next couple of days with a scratchy voice but it was **** well worth it.

If we continue to bring that type of intensity as the 12th man, we will have a huge advantage against any team that steps into the Dome.


It was loud--except when the Ravens scored that go ahead TD---but when Jenk made that outstanding 3rd down catch---the Dome was as loud as I have ever heard it

BTW---I am in 118 and all the Raven fans with their Ray Lewis jerseys were shocked and in disbelief it was beautiful

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At the start of NFL Gameday this morning Rich Eisen was talking about how loud the Dome was and imagine if we get a home playoff game. Warren said twice "Watch out".

I hope that Greenbay game gets flexed to Sunday night. Real nationwide audience and NBC allows the sound to get through to their feed.

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