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Jenks reminds me of Finn when Finn was young

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His problem isn't so much his hands nowadays, it's his routes.

I think he was targeted 8 times last night, but only 4 completions from a QB who seemingly couldn't miss.

Yeah, I've noticed it too. He runs good ones most of the time, but then every once and a while, he'll slack off on one. For instance, the almost pick last week against TB, I don't think he made his break as sharp as it needed to be.

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Jenks reminds me of Finn when Finn was young, The hardest catchs in the world he catches the easiest he drops. Its like he thinks to much on the easy catches.

But that Finger catch was AWSOME of Jenks. ;)

Lol...never been a Jenkins fan, but he has been great so far this year. Harry has the dropsies...gotta clean that up.

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