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SVP Giving Atlanta love!


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Listening to Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Rusillo. Couple of points (quotes are paraphrased, couldn't type fast enough)

1) He LOVES the Ryan-White combination. He said Ravens are having trouble with Elite QB-WR combos.

2) He and Ryen were commenting that Ravens are always crying about penalties. SVP: "Stop crying Ravens fans. The players cry too, but they feed off their fans' complaints"

3) He thinks Falcons are legit, genuine Super Bowl contenders.

4) Said Ryan is just a winner.

5) Ryen: In response to Ed Reed's quote. "You didn't let them off the hook. They took it down the field and beat you on a big play"

6) SVP puts Ryan above Flacco. Ryen has always liked Ryan over Flacco since 2008 draft.

7) SVP commented that Herm Edwards and Woodsen liked Ryan because he can throw in the pocket and while on the run. They say that Flacco is very accurate when he is in the pocket, but his accuracy seriously declines when he's on the move.

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