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Falcons earning


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I love what the coach preaches to our guys. You get what you earn. Man it's been a while since we've had a team that was capable of knocking another good club in the mouth and so consistently , that I begin to anticipate and expect that kind of performance. I'm going to say they remind me most of the Dan Reeves team. That includes the last half of his 97' team. In so much as the team chemistry is off the charts and the players tuning out almost everything outside the building. Certainly the early Jim Mora years with MV7 healthy was a potent team , but a little wildly inconsistent. This 2010 team emits the same familiar odor of that kind of brewing champion. Young unknown players on a team no ones expecting a lot of receiving good coaching and showing it on the field. Flacco in a pre-game scouting conversation this week refering to Grimesy as "and they got a pretty short kid too that can really go play".

Early in the season I was loving the one game at a time pace coupled with the fact that the sports world really wasn't talking about us. I wish that could continue. But this game marks the end of the radar stealth. To be honest I winced at the Roddy White interviews praising him as the best wr in the NFL. I certainly think he is deserving of the leagues praise and I certainly think the team deserves a little swagger for all their hard work and effort. Heck we're their biggest fans and knew they would make some noise this year. It will be interesting to see how well the egos can be managed now that all eyeballs are on them. If Smith is anything like Reeves was, I think he keeps them focused and unselfish all the way to pay dirt!

Along the lines of you that are frustrated by the lack of "props" given to the Falcons from the talking heads, we were using it to our advantage. Once a team crosses that line whereby all the haters or fence sitters are on the bandwagon, you have crossed over to a new level. It is truly a different pasture. It comes with expectations and pressure. Not that any one game should justify being mentioned with the leagues elite, this Ravens game following the teams steady 3rd year rise is that line. Especially as we go forward and keep winning. To dare imagine an NFC title game or a Super Bowl appearance.

How exciting!!!

Go Falcons. ;)

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