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What do u guys thinks--was the Atlanta/Baltimore game a Superbowl preview?


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I think it might be...

...I haven't had a good vibe about the Falcons being Superbowl-bound since they went to the Superbowl in 1998-99.

To me, Baltimore is still one of the best 2 teams in the AFC.

Ok...I'll shaddup before I jinx my birds....lol

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I personally think it will be a rematch of week 1. Falcons vs. Steelers.

either way, we have a legit chance of being there.....the team!! played relentless football, was very impressed!!!

great coaching bringing out the best in our players!!

go falcons!! :P

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Ravens have been declining and tonight eclipsed that even though many though Ravens D would handle the Falcons O, Ravens didn't show any of the stunning shut down they were able to do early in the season with the exception of the Bengals game and the Browns game, they looked good for a good portion of the season defensively, their inconsistent so i don't see them as SB contender this season unless they luck up.

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