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Q. About the TB Game


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I know we've moved on to tonight's game, but I have been out of town all week. So, I wanted to ask this question, and I don't know if this has been addressed or not. I'm just wondering if anybody knows about this:

On the kickoff that was returned for a TD, the kick looked to be intentionally a low, bouncing kick. The kickoff before was all the way to the back of the endzone and was a touchback. My question is - Was the TD kickoff an intentional low kick, or did Koenan just hit it badly?

Not a really important subject, but I'm just curious. Thanks...........B)

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Well, thanks, Phatty...

It just seemed to me at the time (before he actually ran it back) that the thing to do was to kick it deep and make them start from their 20. Spurlock already had a big return that Grimes saved from a TD. Just made me wonder if he meant to squib it or if he just missed it. Again - no biggie, just wondering.

Falcons - 24

Edgar Alan Poe's - 14

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