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Thursday is a Win-Win regardless


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Sorry to disagree with a fellow BC'er, but pretty much all your "If we lose" points would still be accomplished in a win. (Facing a top-tier opponent; seeing how tough we are; getting a taste of that top-tier defense; hanging close without some of our players, etc.)

Thursday's a win if we win. And that's that. ;)

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If we lose, I'm not going to be happy. I'm never going to be happy after a loss. In most cases losses are a result of poor execution by either the players or the coaches.

Sure, we'll adjust after the loss, but it will not make me happy. It will never make me happy. This is not a "Win/Win" situation at all.

This match-up is a proving ground between two of the top teams in the NFL and one of us doesn't belong there.

Totally agree. I'm tired of seeing us lose games to quality opponents..I mean the supposed elite class of the nfl..like the ravens. This is a game that is being built up with a good bit of hype and it's a nationally televised game and it seems the falcons don't do well in those. I want us to win these..and especially this one. This game right here is going to tell us a lot about our team and if the falcons win, they are instantly going to gain a lot more credibility.

We have all been fans of this team for a long time and we deserve to finally have an elite team. We win this game, it's hard to argue we aren't. If we lose it, sigh...it would be the same old falcons. I don't want that..at all and there is no "good losses".

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Buck and Kincade brought up a good point. Even if they have to rest #84, and our other receivers don't pick up the slack, this is our last AFC game of the year.

We need to win those NFC games to get to the playoffs.

The Falcons are in a very good spot. Win, and it's gravy. Lose, and it is not the end of the world. Go Falcons Anyway!!!!!

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I half agree.

They don't need to prove anything to talking heads. They do need confirmation themselves that they can roll with the best of them.

I tell you what. Falcons beat the Ravens tomorrow night (especially without Roddy) they got a HUGE boost of confidence. I feel sorry for the remaining 7 game opponents, especially Carolina, who we play twice, and the Saints we play at home.

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