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Anybody notice Michael Palmer taking advantage of his chance to play?


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Caught his first pass a couple of weeks ago, has made some nice blocks and got his first TD last week. He's one of the players that could make this team better in the second half- giving Ryan a reliable 6' 5" 260 LB target who can throw a nice block can't hurt the passing game. Would like to see him really develop into a weapon over the second half.

HD rounding into shape would help as well, Ryan needs all the weapons he can get.

Jerry on the Dline coming back strong would help that side too. Getting a consistent push up the middle makes everything work better on D.

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Jerry played a nice game sunday. If he continues to improve, this D takes the next step, IMO. Assuming Spoon comes back strong.

I agree. Figured it would take Jerry a full year of playing to recover from that injury, but he's looked better and better each week in my opinion. I believe he'll continue to improve as the season goes on.

And we really do need Spoon to get healthy and get back on the field -- the defense just has a more aggressive swagger with him out there. I doubt he'll play Thursday, but hopefully the long rest after the Ravens game will be enough for him to make a return against the Rams on 11/20.

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